Ultraman Live In Genting 2016 - The Preview

Earlier this year, I attended the launching of Ultraman Live in Genting 2016 at Pavillion, KL (post here). I received two tickets and Hubby later managed to get 4 tickets to watch the preview of Ultraman Live in Genting show at Genting International Showroom.

Mr Kevin Tann, Vice President of Promotions & Entertainment of Resorts World Genting had generously announced that Resorts World Genting is giving away four free passes to watch the preview on Nov 4th, 2016 for the families who had came to watch the launch that night so Hubby was able to get that 4 tickets.

With Hubby's sister's family, we made the trip to Genting on Friday to watch the preview and boy, it was sure fun!
Our family had watched a number of live action shows of Ultraman in Japan since 2005 - at Ulfes (Ultraman Festival), Ultraman Stadium, UltramanLand, Tsuburaya Jungle and even at M78 shops and the show in Malaysia is on par with the ones we saw in Japan! After all, the shows in Malaysia is performed by a full crew from Japan, no less!

Of course, difference in language lah!
The 8pm show started on time and it was packed with action.
The show started with us learning to do the proper Ultraman pose and cries to help Ultraman.
10 Ultra Fighters do battle with 10 Dark Heroes (and Baltan Seijin and Black King too). It was an EPIC battle!
 A few times, the Fighters got real close to the audiences.
Baltan too. Isn't he just scary? Hihi

The show had a couple of session where audiences were involved and it got us moving and kids were squealing with laughter as they joined in the activities (parents too, I have to admit).
 Chaos! Baltan had unleashed this monster and the Ultra Fighters struggled to defeat it.
 And Ultra Mother called for the humans (us) to channel our energy to help.
Of course in the end, all is well but Baltan is bent on revenge. But we have to wait for the second part to watch how Baltan is going to battle with the Ultra Fighters again.

There are two parts of this performance.

Ultraman Part I is shown from Nov 5 - Dec 4th, 2016.
Ultraman Part II will be shown from Dec 7 - Jan 2, 2017.

We are definitely returning in December for the second part of the show!
After the show, we had a family photo taken and it came with this pop-up card (price: RM38 per photo).
There is also a merchandise shop located in front of the Box Office counter of Genting International Showroom for any Ultraman souvenirs shopping.
Tickets purchased for the Ultraman Live in Genting show will also be entitled to get a limited edition Ultraman watch!

For tickets and show info, please head to Resort World Genting website.


  1. hah..hah...I like this! So nostalgic! When I was in primary school, my favorite TV show was Ultraman. Everytime there is a monster invasion, there will be cries of Raksaksa! Raksaksa! and then Ultraman will come and fight the monster. LOL!

  2. Haha. I am not a big fan of Ultraman but grew up with this famous Japanese series in the 80s.

    A nice show; I am sure you all enjoyed it.

  3. Walau Eh! I love Ultraman and grew up with them when my TV was still black & white. I think you started watching when your TV was already coloured! Anay tua la. Wakakaka
    I always remember that you are a big fan of Ultraman and now your 2 boys posed so cute in the photo!! Kaboom! I would love to watch that on stage - so exciting and lively.

    1. Hahaha Anay.

      It is a fun show. Interactive too.
      Syiok lah!

  4. I was there during that time too but no, I didn't watch... there was a discount of 40%, no free tickets.. and no kids to pester me to go in ...


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