Miyagi To Celebrate

I've been wanting to go to Miyagi, our favourite Japanese restaurant  which is located in Bangi for ages but I told myself that I needed a good reason to celebrate there.

I finally got my chance after running in the MRCA Charity Run Relay. The celebration wasn't because our team; Team Asam Pedas managed to bag 2nd placing but because I ran at a 4:44 min pace! That is an achievement for me!

 The two boys had beef teppanyaki this time.
I wanted to eat sashimi but I also wanted to eat something else so the Yakiniku to Sashimi set is the perfect choice me.
The sashimi were good and literally melted in my mouth. I've already eaten one piece of the sashimi before I took this photo. LOL

I was glad to finally be able to enjoy this upon completing an achievement as it tasted much sweeter.

Don't you agree?


  1. Whatever floats your boat

  2. Totally agree! I like what you had, boleh rasa dua dua.

  3. Sashimi is always my favourite, hehe..

  4. You worked very hard for it hence it tastes sweeter.
    I seldom order Teppanyaki as it tastes like one of our Chinese dishes. I would love Sukiyaki, Tempura and Ramen.

    1. In Taiwan. The only food people eat there are Sweet Corn, Long Noodles and Rubbing Dumplings

    2. I love those too Anay. Hihihi

    3. Emma and Lachy'll be in a solo show together around New South Wales and Queensland next year


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