Find Joy With Every Parcel With Lazada MY

A surprise parcel came knocking at my door this morning and it's from Lazada!
A Parcel of Joy for me and it's filled with awesome, practical goodies from well-known brands. Yeay!
 I'm so excited and happy to receive this. ^^
Especially happy to receive the Nescafe white coffee as I had been craving for coffee since morning. Lazada seems to read my mind. LOL
My Parcel of Joy was also filled with Tefal manual chopper, MamyPoko baby wipes, Neslac products (OK gonna pass those to my sister), packs of Maggi instant noodle, L'Oreal Dual Stylers and a voucher too.
The Parcel of Joy came with this Ola Bola bag too and I can just put all the items in the bag and carry them home!
Lazada Malaysia will be having the biggest online shopping event in Southeast Asia, Online Revolution, with participation of more than 1,000 brands and 55,000 international and local merchants soon.

The month-long event, will take place from 11 November 2016 to 14 December 2016 and is Lazada’s fifth Online Revolution since its inaugural launch in 2012.

Woot! Woot!
While waiting for 11.11.2016 to arrive, I am regularly visiting Lazada's website as there are deals offered and on offer now by Tesco, for the Online Revolution sale countdown.
It's Accessories Day today and Toys, Kids & Babies Day tomorrow. ^^
Play the Spin The Wheel also syiok as we can win vouchers to be used for shopping on 11.11.2016!

Not only that, Lazada Malaysia will also feature promotions from various marketing partners – customers will stand a chance to win free flights from AirAsia Big, as well as special offers from DiGi, Maxis, Domino’s Malaysia, Caltex, HSBC, CIMB, TGV Cinemas and Maybank during the 2016 Online Revolution.

So shopping kakis, don't forget to mark the date for the BIGGEST online sale in South EastAsia.

11.11.2016 starting from 11.11am till
12.12.2016 ending at 12.00am.

Happy shopping!

Oh ya, don't forget to download the Lazada mobile app also la... Senang sikit mau shop anytime, all the time. Hihihi

Lazada, Semua Ada. ^^


  1. must be their regular customer to get such cool gifts :)

  2. Walau Eh!! So much good freebies from Lazada! Their online shopping is da Best!

    1. Our online shopping is da Best too

    2. Hahaha Anay must have been shopping at Lazada a lot too. :)

  3. I also a Lazada regular leh, why me no get this joy package?? >.<

    1. Because I am more special. HAHAHA

      j/k :P


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