A Christmas Charity Foot Race Around Imperial Palace, Tokyo

For those planning their vacation in Tokyo or its neighbouring area in  mid-December 2016, there's a private charity running event that will held at the Imperial Palace jogging course on Dec 18th, 2016.

Registration is still open for foreign participants and from what I read on the website https://moshicom.com/3494/, it will be open for registration until race day. (Correct me if I'm wrong).

The categories available for registration:
5K (Men & Women) 2,100 yen registration fee
15K (Men & Women) 2,100 yen registration fee
5K+15K (Men & Women) 3,200 yen registration fee

Participants will receive certificate of completion and as the Imperial Palace route is a 5K route, looping around the route are self-counted. No frills lah. 

The estimated runners to be joining will be around 100-499 participants. 

It's a chance to run, meet other runners and enjoy the feeling of a race while also be a part in contributing to a worthwhile charity.

This is a charity run and part of the registration fee will be donated  to PLAN International Japan, an independent child rights and humanitarian organisation committed to children living a life free of poverty, violence and injustice.


  1. What next. An 80s fitness fun run?

  2. Running at the same time doing charity. sure will feel good.

  3. Must be nice to run around the Imperial Palace. Wish you were going, right? Or are you?

    1. Hahaha No lah.
      I only go visit Japan once a year. No more than that!

  4. Such a nice charity event in a nice place

  5. That would be lovely to do anything around the beautiful palace grounds!


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